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As your due date draws ever closer, you focus all of your spare energy on preparing for your new baby. Your to-do list just seems to grow longer as time grows shorter, and your focus is firmly in the future. Take a moment to turn your focus to the now; there’s a miracle happening inside of you, and you don’t want to miss it. But, the present isn’t always comfortable, and you might wonder why on earth you would want to remember it forever. There are two very good reasons to consider capturing this moment in an image.

 1: You Are Beautiful

Maintaining a healthy self-image is sometimes difficult during pregnancy. You feel fat, and hot, and swollen; nothing tastes right, nothing fits right, and people keep trying to touch your belly. Maternity Photography helps you switch your focus to the beauty of your pregnancy by showcasing your divine feminine, and presenting you as you really are: powerfully, magically, ethereally maternal. Oh, and you don’t have to worry about what to wear because that can be frustrating all by itself! I have all the gorgeous maternity gowns that you see on my website, which will make your stress level go down a bit. Also, if you would like to totally pamper yourself – and you should- let me know and I have a great MUA that will be here at the studio waiting for you!

 2: It goes by so quickly.

When it’s happening, 40 weeks seems like an eternity. In the timeline of your life, though, it goes by in an instant. The shocks of excitement, anticipation, and even terror make this one of the most amazing emotional experiences of your life. The photographer captures those essential emotions, so you can always look back and experience it all over again. Remember the rush fondly as you gaze at the photo six years from now, when your little miracle has tracked mud all over your newly-cleaned floor.

If you are ready to capture the wonder and joy of your pregnancy, contact me today! My calendar fills up quickly so reserving your maternity session during your second trimester is recommended. Did your due date sneak up on you and your baby is due soon? Contact me and let me see if I can get you a spot!

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