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When we’re thinking of our new child coming into the world, we have a lot on our minds. Will he or she be healthy? Will labor be difficult? Will I get enough sleep? Will I breast feed or use formula? The list goes on, but the truth is, all of that passes so quickly. Many of those concerns disappear within moments after they set your precious baby in your waiting arms. It will be an exhausting and crazy time. You will forget how exhausted you were and how much the phone rang. But you’ll want to remember all the itty bitty squishyness of your new baby! Like all of the other details of having a newborn, every part of that child is changing fast! Here’s how to make your newborn pictures a little less daunting.

  • You ARE tired! As much as loading up and going to the studio may seem like a task, trying to take pictures on your own is dreadful! By all means, let the photographer handle it. At the Fairies & Frogs studio you can be as involved in your session as you like or you can sit back, put your feet up and relax in the cozy chairs and help yourself to the healthy goodies and cool beverages that are there just for you! You can also take a nap – you wouldn’t be the first one!
  • Did someone photograph your wedding or your engagement? Why? Because they were once in a lifetime memories that could never be replaced or recaptured. In the short span of that first month your child will have changed dramatically and you really want those first days captured and captured successfully the first time. Much like a wedding, there is no room for a redo – your baby will never be as tiny as they are on the day of their photo session ever again. Once you have professional portraits taken in that first week, you can snap away and know that you already have high quality, perfect poses, no matter what!!
  • Save yourself!! You’re right. You will be so busy in those first days. The only request you will hear more than extended arms wanting to hold that tiny human, will be empty picture frames begging you for a print! Social media will not do. Grandmas want the goods! So, make your appointment long before you give birth. Of course, babies do not always keep a schedule, but newborn photographers know this and are amazingly flexible. Give your photographer a heads up at that first contraction. Once the session is over, just share the pin number to your gorgeous download gallery with your family and friends and they can view and download the images just like you! This makes life so much easier!

You will never regret getting that sweet magic of new life captured and hanging on your walls! Only then will you see and know what all the buzz was about! Contact Anne at Fairies & Frogs and she will take it from there.

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