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Picture this: your sweet bundle of joy has arrived. You sign up for a newborn session and a few weeks later, you have your photos printed and hung on your wall. What do they say about you? What do they say about your family? How are your photographs unique from everyone else’s? Before your book your appointment, think about why a custom designed newborn session can benefit you.

No stock photos or “cookie cutter” photos please. Have you been to someone’s house, or even been perusing Facebook, and seen friends post their newborn photos and thought, “these all look the same.” Whether it’s always the same poses, the same backgrounds, the same props…you can’t help but do a comparison of “who posed better.” When you customize your newborn session, your photos will stand on their own. A certain theme, personalized props, or even a minimalist approach with no props, can keep your photographs from blending in with everyone else’s. You can have the newborn session you have been dreaming about at Fairies and Frogs Photography.

Add a personal touch. When you have the freedom to design your own newborn session, the photos will hold more weight in your heart with a personalized touch. That could mean simply stating your opinions on poses, backgrounds and props or it could mean you bring your great-grandmother’s baby bonnet. Or your husband’s firefighter hat. Or all your fan gear from your favorite sports team. Or your favorite Marvel comic book character like the baby in this blog post! If it’s important to you, then it will add that much more sentiment to your photographs.

Your voice will be heard. You are not the photographer. You may know nothing about photography. But that doesn’t mean you don’t have a voice. At Fairies and Frogs, your voice matters. Before each session there is a planning phase to discuss what your dream session is for baby. Each session is designed around your wishes and what poses you want. If you want props, you can choose between moon, nest, basket or bowls, or mix and match your favorites. Or, if you’d rather have a classic sitting with minimal props, that is totally up to. And at Fairies and Frogs, we listen and Anne can make the newborn session that you have been dreaming of happen!

When choosing a photographer for your new little bundle, you don’t want a carbon copy of someone else’s photos. Your sweet baby is an individual. Your family is special. And your photographs will reflect that when you choose to custom design your newborn session.

Are you thinking about reserving a newborn photography session? Contact Anne and let’s chat! It is never to early to book your session. Reserving your spot while in your second trimester is a great time to book just to make sure that the time around your due date is still available. Is your baby already here or due any day?! Call Anne and let’s see if we can get you in! 360.438.0432

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