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babys-first-year-captured-with-photos-by-fairies-and-frogs-photographyAre you wondering which months during your baby’s first year are best for a photo session? Scheduling your baby’s photo session is not about ages and dates. It’s about your growing baby. It’s about how this amazing, beautiful little person has changed.

So that you don’t miss a milestone, here are some general guidelines :


At this point the baby sleeps a lot, is easy to pose, and doesn’t mind being naked as long as he or she is warm, fed and comfortable. The first few weeks are a busy time and you may consider delaying the photo session, but those tiny endearing details will change so fast you won’t believe it. So you will want to record those baby lips, the miniature fingers and toes, and that expression of faint surprise at being on the planet. One look at those photos and you will always remember what it felt like the first time you held your baby. The best time for a newborn session is when your baby is 5 to 14 days old. I recommend reserving your newborn session during your second trimester to insure that the space around your due date is available for your baby.

3-4 Months

Baby is in love with you. She adores cuddling and interacting, which makes for great pictures with Mom and Dad. She lifts her head and smiles (oh that gorgeous smile). She’s probably also ready for some tummy time.

6  Months

Baby can sit up unassisted. Perhaps he is a little wobbly, but he’s capable of some fun new poses. His personality is coming through loud and clear. He grabs toys and laughs frequently. Years from now you will look at these pictures and remember the glorious sound of that belly laugh.

9 Months

Crawling is the name of the game! This is the milestone where your baby is on the move and getting those crawling pictures will make us all sweaty but they are so worth it!

12 Months

Baby will be standing, maybe even taking a few steps on those chubby little feet. The smile is now a toothy grin and he or she celebrates with gusto! Capture that first messy, gooey, joyous first birthday — and every one after that.

There’s something magical about every stage of development. To capture your baby’s special moments, contact us. We have a “Baby’s First Year Plan” which includes a session for each of the milestones that you want to capture. Contact us for more information and to join the plan!

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