When to Schedule Newborn Photos

So many of my clients wonder when to schedule newborn photos if you don’t exactly know baby’s arrival date.

I’m here to answer that question for you!

When to schedule newborn photos 
- newborn photo in a fur blanket surrounded by pastel flowers

Book your newborn photos for a timeframe

This is how almost all newborn photographers schedule newborn photos — in a timeframe. If baby’s due date is in October, we’ll pick a 2-4 week range with a tentative date. If baby arrives sooner or later, we’ll adjust as needed. Babies tend to arrive on their own schedule and my schedule is flexible to allow for rescheduling depending on baby’s actual birth day.

When baby finally arrives, that is when your exact time and day for the newborn photoshoot will be scheduled. The best age for newborn photos is between 5 and 14 days old!

Two young children holding their new baby sister on a fur blanket with floral dresses

Schedule your photographer at least 3 months in advance

Don’t wait until you’re exhausted and on baby mode to find a newborn photographer. Plus, most photographers book out in advance, which means it might be challenging to find someone who is available on such a short notice! I recommend hiring a newborn photographer during your second trimester.

I have to limit the amount of sessions I accept per month to ensure that I have the time necessary available for each client. And of course, sometimes October babies come in September and vice versa!

A newborn baby in pink sleeps on a flamingo

Communicate with your photographer soon after baby arrives

When baby arrives, let your photographer know as soon as possible because if baby is an early bird or fashionably late your session date might need to be adjusted to stay within that optimum window of time for newborn pictures. Don’t forget! If you want those adorable newborn photos, having the session take place during the first two weeks after baby is born is ideal!

I encourage my clients to put me on the notification list for any updates regarding labor or delivery!

A newborn in a blue Cinderella dress sleeps on a bench next to her mice friends

Plan everything else in advance

When I book newborn sessions, I request a deposit to reserve the estimated arrival date. From there, we plan everything. I like to send a welcome guide with information on the poses, outfits, etc. My clients have total control over the session. We can follow a theme or not! It’s custom — like filling your jar of jelly beans at the candy store.

If we’ve done all of the preparation before baby arrives, it’ll be that much easier to just show up and hand your baby over for me to create images like the ones shown here!

Newborn photo with a camping theme
A newborn sleeping in an ivy heart
Smiley newborn sleeps on a pink blanket with her reflection showing underneath
Winnie the Pooh newborn photo with honey jars and cute wooden bed

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