What to Bring to Your Baby’s First Birthday Photo Session – Olympia Tacoma Baby Photographer


You’ve made it! Your baby is turning one! That important milestone also leads to one of the most fun and exciting photo shoots you’ll ever get to do: that first birthday photo session, complete with a cake smash! Preparing for your big day, however, means taking the time to pack your bags to ensure that you’re ready for anything the day might bring.

Cake: A white or yellow or pink six-inch cake or jumbo cupcake is your best bet for a successful photo session. White and yellow cake make a great contrast for those bright frosting colors!

Frosting: Bright-colored frosting will give you the best pictures and look adorable as your baby digs in. Try yellow, green, blue, purple, pink, or orange for the best results.

Clothes: You’ll need one to two outfits for the traditional pictures and one outfit for the cake smash pictures. Many parents choose completely different outfits to make the most of the session.

Baby Bribes: A small finger food, about the size of a cheerio, is great for helping to convince your baby to get into those special poses and getting them to be more curious and comfortable with exploring their cake!

Mom and Dad’s Gear: Mom and Dad need a change of clothes, too! You never know when a fussy, frosting-covered baby will need to be scooped up and cuddled, and that means you’ll need clean clothes to change into.

When you come in for your session, I’ll already have the balloons, a custom banner, and a cake stand ready to go (we will go over all the details for the session so that your dream becomes a reality). I’ll handle the cleanup after the session, too. You just have to supply the baby, the clothes, and the cake. Ready to set up your baby’s first birthday shoot? Contact me today to schedule your session or to discuss any questions you have about the event. Your baby’s first birthday is a special day, and I’d love to take the pictures that will help you remember it for years to come! Our schedule fills up fast, so booking about 4 to 6 weeks before your baby’s actual birthday is recommended.




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