What Do I Bring to My Newborn Photography Session-Olympia Washington Newborn Photographer


This little princess is pretty in pink!

We are often asked “Should I bring anything to my baby’s newborn photo session?”  The answer here at Fairies & Frogs Photography is that you can bring lots of things or you can bring nothing :)  It is really that simple!  We have some ideas or suggestions that we give to our new moms and dads when we are discussing their upcoming photo session of things that they are welcome to include in their baby’s session.  Here is a list of things that you are welcome to bring with you but you certainly don’t have to because we have an entire prop room filled with just about everything and we are always getting more!

Optional Items:

  • Items from your favorite sports team (football, helmet, baseball & glove, pennants…..)
  • Items from your occupation (uniform, hat, boots, helmet, dog tags…..)
  • Gifts that were given to baby (blankets, hats, quilts, booties, stuffed toys….)
  • Items of a hobby you enjoy (motorcycle helmet, cowboy boots, saddle, guitar, balls of yarn, cute hats….)
  • Family heirlooms (a cradle, a quilt, special jewelry….)
  • Baby items that you purchased or were gifts (tiaras, fancy diaper covers, headbands…)

Other items such as books that you read to baby while he or she was still inside your tummy and that you will read to them as they grow are fun to include in a newborn session as well.

And last but not least, you can bring your wedding rings so that we can put them on your baby’s itty bitty toes!

The items listed above are all purely optional and you are more than welcome to bring them in with you :).  If you read the list and one thing popped out at you and you thought “Oh yeah, that would be cute!” then bring it on in and we will incorporate it into your baby’s session, but don’t forget that we have lots and lots of props, fabrics and ideas!  In the picture collage above, the items that were brought in by her momma and daddy for their baby’s session were the tiara and the fancy feather diaper cover and matching headband (which we loved so much that we now have it in our prop room ready for the next little princess that comes in for a photo session!).  They also brought in her daddy’s firefighter gear and we put her in his helmet! Everything else you see in the pictures above, from the pink ruffled diaper cover, to the chairs and bowls and flowers and bonnet and blankets are all part of our wonderful collection of items that we can use for your baby’s session!


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