Twin Cake Smash

These sweet brothers are celebrating their first birthday. That’s right, a twin cake smash photo shoot! Say a great big hello and Happy Birthday to Matteo and Owen. They are officially one-derful and I was so overjoyed to celebrate with them. Having seen these sweet brothers as newborn babies, it was an amazing experience to see them well on their way to the next stage of life as big boys!

The funny thing about photographing two little one-year-olds at the same time is that it’s exactly what you might expect it to be! One would be having a blast, digging their toes in the cake, and the other would be serious and not quite ready to crack a smile just yet. With cake smash photography, it’s never about the picture-perfect moment. In fact, much of the beauty of celebrating a first birthday with a cake smash is that the beauty lies in the imperfect moments. Your baby gets to put on a special outfit that they can cover with cake as you stand by and watch them try to make sense of what this cake thing is all about! The milestone lies in the memory of curating the moment. And even more so, being able to hang that moment on the wall of your home for years to come.

Twin Cake Smash

Adorable little Matteo and Owen’s twin cake smash setup was everything you need to celebrate your very first birthday! In the backdrop, I placed pure white balloons for their celebration along with blue striped pom-pom party hats. The sweet brothers wore blue gingham shorts and not much else! Their shorts-only attire gave them all the room they needed to get messy with their rainbow sprinkle-covered cakes. Of course, there was one for Matteo and one for Owen. Each birthday boy’s cake had a blue fondant ribbon with a matching number one on top.

One thing is for sure, these little sweethearts were not afraid of exploring their birthday cake! There was cake crumble everywhere. It was woven into tiny fingers and toes! And it made my heart so happy to see Matteo and Own having the time of their life! After all, what a fun adventure it is to celebrate your first birthday with your very own cake and your best friend at your side!

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