Charming Toy Story Photoshoot with Cake Smash

Gia joined us in the studio for her very own Toy Story photoshoot. Gia was a very serious baby but so, so incredibly cute! The contrast between her stoic demeanor and adorable costume just made her parents and I laugh so much throughout the session.

Toy Story photoshoot with a baby girl in a Jessie costume

Reaching for the sky with an adorable “Jessie” outfit

My absolute favorite part of the shoot was discovering what costume Gia was going to be wearing for the photos. I knew going in that it would be a Toy Story photoshoot and cake smash session, but when she came in with the Jessie costume, I thought it was simply perfection!

Thoughts on the Toy Story theme

As you can see, the shoot was Toy Story themed but we were also aiming for something whimsical and fun. I think Gia’s photos captured exactly that! Even though Gia didn’t smash too much of her cake, her look of wonder translated so well to the pictures and the theme as a whole.

Toy Story photoshoot with a baby girl in a Jessie costume and cake to smash

A change in scenery

We also took the most adorable baby bathtub photos with pink bubbles and a draping, floral backdrop. Isn’t her little blue bow just scrumptious?

Baby's first birthday photoshoot in a bath tub

A traditional outfit to match her stoicism

And last, but not least, Gia’s traditional first birthday outfit was gorgeous! The muted colors made the outfit so elegant.

Baby's first birthday in a traditional outfit

To infinity and beyond

Interested in your own personalized baby photoshoot with a theme of your choice? All of these photos were taken at my studio in Olympia, WA.

Toy Story photoshoot

Check out my Instagram for some inspiration or you can contact me here to book a first birthday photoshoot.


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