Three Tips to Help You Prepare for Your Six Month Session – Olympia Washington Baby Photographer


Your little bundle of joy is growing so quickly. From tiny squish to little human who loves to discover the world around them. As your baby coos, learns to sit, has that big grin with a few adorable little teeth, grabs at toys and makes all sorts of new noises, be sure to schedule your six month photo session to attempt to capture all the amazing milestones. But how do you prepare? Your little one definitely won’t sleep the entire session like when they were a newborn.

Nap time comes first. If you know, even roughly, what time your six month old will want to nap, please let Fairies and Frogs know so we can schedule around it. Keep in mind that the session will last about forty-five minutes. Your rested, energetic, ready-to-play child will be better equipped for their fun photo shoot than a baby that could crash or meltdown at any moment. Not only do we want to capture your little one’s newfound love for life, we want you to relax and be stress-free for the shoot.

Multiple Clothing Options. While the sweet dress Aunt Betty made your princess is really the only outfit you want for the session, it’s always best to have options. Not only will multiple changes of clothes offer more variety for backgrounds and props, there’s always safety in numbers when it comes to accidents. Blow-outs and spit-ups and drool marks can usually be edited out but it’s always nice to have a backup outfit just in case! So two to three changes of clothes for your baby will help things run more smoothly and ease everyone’s mind.

Accessories are great! Who doesn’t like playing dress up with their own child? Dad’s favorite football hoodie? Bring it. A hat that your grandma knit? Bring it too. And don’t forget the headband with the pearls that you wore on your wedding day. Any accessories you desire to incorporate into you session can add depth, variety and a personal touch.

At Fairies and Frogs, we love documenting each new stage of a baby’s life and we want each session to be a positive experience. Please contact us with any further questions about scheduling your six month session and how you can prepare for the big day.

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