Testimonial: Why I chose a specialist for my second child’s newborn pictures – and why I wish I had done it for my first – Newborn Photographer Olympia Washington


My first son was born in a sweltering heat wave four years ago. I remember my labor and his birth in brief moments — the AC in my husband’s truck being broken on the way to the hospital; the maternity ward running out of popsicles; and finally having that sweet moment after he was born when I got those newborn snuggles.

But there is something I remember far more clearly, and it’s something I’m reminded of every time photos of his first few months pop up on Facebook — the fact that I used my phone, instead of a specialist, to capture those fleeting first few months.

The photos are in poor lighting and at bad angles — most of them were taken while he was in my arms. They’re often blurry, or slightly out of focus. Maybe most frustrating is that the background is often cluttered with the hustle and bustle of a new infant — laundry that is halfway folded, dirty burp cloths, and the occasional drooling mass of my golden retriever at my feet.

So when I entered the third trimester with my second child this year, I knew what I would be doing differently. It wouldn’t be how I dressed my new baby, or how we fed him, or the way we put him to sleep. It would be ensuring that I would choose a specialist in newborn photography for my baby’s newborn pictures.

Ten days after my son was born, we had our shoot. Charlie wasn’t the most cooperative (what days old baby is?!), but our photographer Anne at Fairies and Frogs Photography could have moonlighted as one of the nurses in our maternity ward. Seriously! She was gentle, patient, and supportive of my husband and I. Our entire shoot felt like the most important thing in the world to her, and most importantly, I wasn’t lifting a finger.

Our pictures came back a couple of weeks later and they had me in tears. My baby boy was captured in ways that I thought only my husband and I saw him — tender and beautiful, peacefully snuggled in a sweet blanket. His beautiful face was perfectly lit, perfectly framed — and no stray house chores lingering in the background of those photos.

Most importantly, I look at those photos and am filled with love for my baby. They make me want to wake him up from his naps just so I can see the same smile my photographer captured so perfectly.

We aren’t sure if we’ll have a third child yet, but you can bet that having professional photos taken has become a family tradition — one we won’t let go of lightly.

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