Tacoma Olympia Newborn Photographer – Three reasons hiring a professional newborn photographer is worth it!


Bringing a newborn into your home is a stressful time. Wonderful and amazing, but stressful. Even if this isn’t your first child, there are a lot of changes taking place in your life. Sleeping schedules, 3 a.m. feedings and sheer exhaustion are just a few of the things parents of a newborn face each day.

With all those adjustments looming on the horizon, it might be tempting to forgo hiring a professional photographer to take those newborn photos. You’re exhausted. Life is crazy. The house is a mess. You have a smart phone and can just do it yourself. It would be so much easier, and cheaper after all, to just skip a professional newborn session.

But here are three reasons it really is worth hiring a pro to conduct your newborn session!

The early days go by too fast. Life with a newborn really is a whirlwind. You might be so caught up in merely keeping up that you don’t stop to enjoy the sheer beauty of that new tiny life. A newborn photographer will capture the details of your little one, from teeny fingers and silly cowlicks to squishy cheeks and sleepy eyes. These moments are fleeting. You won’t regret hiring a professional  to capture them to cherish forever.

You’ll see the bond form before your eyes. Your photographer won’t just take pictures of the new baby. A professional will also take photos of you, your partner and even siblings interacting with the new family member. Don’t worry about your tired eyes or swollen hands. Those are badges of honor from the fight of bringing new life into this world and need included in the story! A professional will use those details and loving interactions to make the joy and wonder you feel come to life.

The photos will be stunning! Taking photos of a newborn requires patience, stamina and a special skill set. A professional knows how to safely pose and keep your baby content. Your photographer has the backgrounds, props, equipment and know-how to take beautiful images. Snapshots taken with a smart-phone are wonderful. But they can’t match the artistry a professional photographer provides, both during the photo shoot and the post-shoot editing process. Gone are the wrinkly sheets, weird lighting and the clutter of an unmade bed in your snapshots. The results are wall-worthy images of your baby, and only your baby, at the most precious point in life.

Contact Fairies and Frogs today to discuss a personalized newborn portrait session for you or your family! It’s never too early to book your maternity and newborn sessions. We are now accepting reservations for baby’s due this Summer and Fall and even Winter babies too!

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