Tacoma Olympia Baby Photographer – Capturing the Beauty of Nursing/Breastfeeding/bottle feeding with pictures

mother-nursing-baby-curled-up-in-her-armsSoft, downy hair. Warm, wriggling body. Small grunts and squeaks. Nibbling on fists. Rapid heartbeat that levels out slowly as your little one feels the comfort they so desperately desire: Nourishment.

From the moment your sweet baby enters this world, they want to feed. Your baby’s most basic instinct is to snuggle close and receive the nourishment that is more than just milk. This expression of love is about more than formula or breast milk. It is about more than how many ounces and how often in a day. Feeding your baby creates a lasting bond of comfort, trust, and unconditional love.

The beauty of these baby-feeding pictures is one way to catch a moment that is almost unable to catch and always fleeting. Your baby will not sit this still forever. They will soon outgrow the protective circle of your arms. However, one glance at a captured feeding moment, whether by bottle or by breast, will bring warm memories rushing back. Remember the droopy eyelids as your little one drifts off to sleep. And don’t forget the milky smiles that escape as your baby is swept off in a dream.

Through breastfeeding and bottle feeding, you and your child are creating memories and relationships that will last a lifetime. Keep those moments sacred and secure by adding them on to any session – newborn, three month, six month, nine month or one year – at no additional fee. Please contact fairies and frogs to schedule your session or to ask any questions. And snuggle your little one closely, because they always grow up too soon.

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