Tacoma Newborn Photographer – Composite Photography for Newborn Sessions: Your baby’s safety comes first!!


baby-on-chair-at-newborn-photo-session-by-fairies-and-frogs-photographycomposite-newborn-photography-baby-on-guitar-by-fairies-and-frogs-photographybaby-in-autumn-leaves-composite-photography-by-fairies-and-frogs-photographyWhen it comes to being photographed, newborns certainly don’t present the same challenges as the chaotic balls of energy known as toddlers. Frequently sleepy and compliant, you’d think they would be easy to pose and photograph and while this is technically true it’s also SO VERY, VERY WRONG. Newborns are delicate! Safety is the number one priority, so, in the world of the photo session, this often means using composite photography to get your perfect newborn picture.

What the heck is composite photography? Basically, it’s combining multiple shots to create a perfect photograph that couldn’t be achieved otherwise. It’s “photoshopping” minus the bigfoot conspiracies and insecure celebrities.

For newborns, it means creating amazing photographs without endangering the baby. Take for instance the classic “froggy pose” where a sleeping newborn is seen lying on its stomach with its head in its hands. First off, newborns can’t actually do this. Yet if you can coax one to fall asleep on its stomach, then the photographer can take one picture with a parent supporting the baby’s head on its hands and another with the parent supporting the baby’s wrists with the head resting on top. The photographer then digitally combines the photos to make it appear that the newborn naturally did the froggy pose all on its own.

The same techniques are applied in other situations as well, basically for any occasion that would mean leaving the newborn unattended otherwise. Some examples of this are the baby sitting alone in a chair or hanging in a basket or even simply being in a basket outside. It’s just not safe and most of the year it is downright chilly outside for a new baby!

Done right, composite photography techniques will result in some wonderful photographs of your newborn that will truly be works of art. They’ll keep your newborn safe and happy, warm and comfortable too, which are definitely the most important parts of a newborn photography session! For any questions or expert help in getting your perfect newborn photos, please feel free to contact us today!

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