Tacoma Newborn Photographer – Capturing the First Days of Life – What to Expect at Your Newborn Session


After months of imagining what he will look like, you finally get to meet your baby! Nothing could compare to the first time you see your child. If you catch yourself staring in awe at this perfect little person, you are not alone. Each tiny feature is absolutely captivating.

A professional newborn photography session, usually done while baby is less than 4 weeks old, is a great way to capture those sleepy, snuggly moments and provide you with high quality images to cherish for a lifetime.

Choosing an experienced photographer is vital to ensuring the safety and comfort of your child.  Frogs and Fairies specializes in newborn photography and has equipped the studio with warming pads and sound machines. A passionate photographer with 17 years of experience is able to anticipate their needs and provide a calm and comfortable atmosphere.

So, what can you expect at your newborn session? Along with a highly experienced photographer and a studio designed with a newborn in mind, you will receive a custom designed newborn session, a wardrobe full of newborn outfits to choose from, and a truly unique gallery of priceless photos.

Newborns are magical all on their own but soft blankets and a customized set that reflects your family’s style can add a personal touch. Fairies and Frogs will supply a custom designed set and all props for your baby’s session including blankets, outfits, hats, baskets, bowls, and more. It’s recommended to book early as limited spots are available each month. This is to ensure that your set, props, session, and photos receive the attention they deserve.

You will be in the studio for two hours if you’ve booked a Full Session and one hour of you opted for the Mini. For the comfort of those attending the session, the studio contains several amenities including a private restroom and a cozy sitting area with free WiFi. You’ll also have access to a mini fridge offering water, sparkling juice, and healthy snacks.

It’s likely that your baby will need a snack, as well, during your scheduled time. There is no extra cost if you wish to capture breast or bottle feeding photos during your newborn session.

Welcoming a new life is a season of overwhelming joy and changes. Through all of the exhaustion and fear, there is a big, powerful love that blossoms and expands the heart. Newborn photos will take you back to those precious first days.

The best time to reserve your newborn session is anytime during your third trimester to insure that the time around your due date is still available. Is your baby here or due any day?! Call Anne 360.438.0432 to see if we have a last minute opening!

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