Tacoma Newborn Baby Photoshoot

This sweet family came in to see me with baby number two for a Tacoma newborn baby photoshoot!

Mom and Dad contacted me to schedule a Dolce Newborn Photoshoot, and they had big plans for the photos they wanted to capture. Dad is a firefighter! The original plan included capturing an image of the baby inside Dad’s fire helmet, but at the last minute, the helmet was not able to make its way into the studio. So, without hesitation, we quickly shifted while keeping the theme in order to honor Dad! Mom and Dad decided on using an antique (miniature) fire car instead. As this tiny boy slept tenderly through his entire session, we placed him on the top of the fire car beside a pair of boots and a helmet. So when he wakes up, he is ready to save the world!

While Mom and Dad did take part in the shoot and hop in front of the camera for a few of the shots, they wanted plenty of baby only photos! The parents were aiming for a combination of baby-only photos and some artistic composites! For the baby-only images, we draped a light blue wrap on him while he snoozed away! For the more artistic images, in addition to his fire car, we dressed this tiny baby up as a honey bee, and we also captured him laying on the moon! You’ll get to see each of the shots below!

Searching for a photography studio to bring in your sweet bundle of joy for a Tacoma newborn photoshoot? You can contact me here to begin the process! Or, to view even more of my work, you can find me on Instagram here!


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