Tacoma Newborn Baby Photographer – Capturing Stardust Through Your Baby’s First Year


When that moment finally arrives and you are able to hold your newborn in your arms for the very first time, your life is turned on its head. That beautiful baby, trailing stardust behind them, is growing and changing nearly every moment.

As a sleep deprived, but completely enamored, parent it can be hard to remember each unique milestone. Your brain becomes crowded with feeding schedules, nap schedules, newly acquired skills, and that ever-changing baby face. Each day, though vastly different from the last, becomes the new norm and that rapidly changing face blends together in your memory.

At Fairies & Frogs Photography, we believe in the the importance of capturing all those memories! We work with the parents to capture those beautiful milestones so that years later when you gaze at that beautiful, chubby face of days gone by, it conjures magical memories of snuggling your tiny bundle of joy, that new baby smell, and their soft breath on your cheek.

When you see that bright smile, frozen in time, you remember their first laugh breaking over you and the pure joy you felt just to experience it. You remember those first shaky steps and their arms reaching out for you to catch them. Their face may recall memories of their musical coo as they drift off to sleep or their curious exploration when you give them a new toy.

There is nothing like the love between a parent and child, and there is nothing more precious than memories frozen, ready to take you back to those simple days when your baby left bits of stardust wherever they went. Please contact us today to start capturing those beautiful memories!

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