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It is very rare to get both “awake baby pictures” and “asleep baby pictures” during a newborn photography session, but this little squish did both!When he first arrived to the studio he was sound asleep and slept through the first part of his session where we nestled him into a cozy basket and put adorable hats on him – the fox hat and the bunny hat that his mom brought in – and then he woke up around the middle of his session (but as you can see he was calm, alert and very interested in what I was doing, lol) and then he fell back asleep again for pictures when we wrapped him in the blue blanket and he snuggled up to his tiny giraffe. Usually, the babies just sleep right through their whole session but if they happen to wake up I love to capture their big, bright eyes!

You might be wondering what happens if a baby won’t go to sleep for his or her newborn photo session? Don’t worry! Before a newborn session we will email out a Welcome Letter that has easy steps to do at home the morning before your session to help baby be ready for their newborn photo session. Then when baby arrives for their session, the studio will be warm and toasty and we will be in no rush! We work at your baby’s pace. If your little one needs a little more time to fall asleep that’s what we will give them. Your session time is your session time, there is no rushing and no stress. We allow plenty of time for as many feedings, diaper changes and cuddles that your baby needs to be happy and content. We also have 17 years of baby soothing expertise that we are more than happy to use to help your sweetie fall asleep, so the pressure is not all on you! We are happy to help :)

We are currently accepting reservations for babies due this Spring and Summer. If your due date is anytime during the next four months, now is the time to contact us to reserve your newborn session. Space is limited. Please book early.


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