Tacoma Baby Photographer – 9 Fun Themes For First Birthday Photography Sessions!

Looking for some cute themes for your child’s first birthday photography session? We have the ultimate list for you.

Here are 9 Fun Themes For First Birthday Photography Sessions!:


1. Science Fiction Fan!

You could wow your friends and family with photos of your precious little ones looking like your favorite Star Wars character or Dr. Who persona or a character from Harry Potter! Props like light sabers, show/movie props and stuffed toys will make the pictures look adorable. Let the force be with your little one on their special day!


2. Baking Baby

A fun idea would be to put baking props all over and make your child look as if they have baked their own cake. Maybe carefully splatter some flour and sprinkles around your child. Have an already made cake in front of them and let them have their own fun! They might grab it with their hands or take a nibble right from the cake. Capturing those sort of moments are sweet, pun intended!

3. Rock Star

Feeling a little more edgy? Dress your kids in some fun, faux leather, aviator goggles and graphic tee. Find some cute little props to go with this look like a little set of drums, guitar or microphone. If you want, you can even put a little gel in their hair to finish the look. What child wouldn’t want to feel like a rock star on their first birthday?

4. Super Heros and Disney Princesses

If you or your child are a fan of super hero or Disney characters, might as well include them. Your boy would rock a batman or superman costume and your girl would shine in an Elsa or classic Cinderella costume. All sorts of props can coincide with whatever movie, story, or character you choose.


5. Rustic Cutie

For a more simple theme, try a rustic theme! This theme includes a lot of natural materials and is simple but fun. For boys, you could dress them up in a cute little button down, pants with suspenders and a bow tie. For girls, a nice little sundress with some cowgirl boots would look adorable. Have them sit on a crate or wooden box with some flowers or other plants around them. Other props could include balloons of course and wooden letters spelling out the number “one”. Another cute idea would to have them sit on top or next to a wooden rocking horse.


6. Lumber Jack

This is a perfect theme for a little boy. Dress your little man in some plaid and khakis. Add some faux lumber or tree stumps. You might be able to find a soft, stuffed ax or even put a little faux beard on your little guy to amp up the theme. Include a teddy bear or two and some trees in the background and you’ve got yourself the perfect lumber jack themed photo!

7. Theme It Up!

Match your little one’s first birthday session to a theme. It could be the theme of their birthday party, or the theme of their nursery! Twinkle, twinkle little star or dinosaurs or race cars or trains or ladybugs….the sky is the limit!



8. It’s My Party And I’ll Cry If I Want To

Let’s be honest, sometimes kids get nervous or frustrated in front of the camera. If this happens, turn a negative into a positive and capture those moments! If your child stars to cry, have the picture taken anyway. Sometimes kids make the funniest faces right before crying or during. The theme could be “It’s my part and I’ll cry if I want to”, after the famous song sung by Lesley Gore. Don’t feel too bad, afterwards you can go get them ice cream and all will be forgiven and you will have an adorably, hilarious photograph to embarrass them with in a few years.


9. Get in there, Mom and Dad!

This is a special moment for your family. A wonderful idea would be to include yourselves in the photographs. You could do this by simply holding your child, hugging your child, and kissing your child. One fun photograph would be to have both parents kissing each of the baby’s cheeks. Or have the baby feed you some of their birthday cake! Some props to include would be a birthday cake, a birthday or “one” sign, crowns, and more. The overall theme for this would be simply love.


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