Sunflower Themed Cake Smash | Baby Elizabeth

This sweet little honeybee is officially one! For little Elizabeth’s birthday, I worked on a sunflower-themed cake smash setup with bright yellow tones and heaps of delightful sunflowers. 

Elizabeth was so shy when she came in. This is typically the case with babies having their photo taken! Elizabeth had no idea what was going on and took a careful consideration approach. However, I was determined to get the birthday girl smiling, involved, and excited about her special cake smash! Luckily, her mom let me in on a little secret, Elizabeth loves Elmo. I quickly headed to my prop closet to pull him out. And oh my gosh did this little girl light up! She was so full of smiles once she saw that fuzzy little red monster. So we let Elmo hang out behind the scenes, just for the birthday girl.

Sunflower Themed Cake Smash

But, seeing as though she was shy and slow to warm up, there was one other small thing that made Elizabeth feel secure. She had a trusty toy on hand that she was more than happy to have in hand to provide her with that extra source of comfort. It was a little yellow ring, which of course fit in perfectly with her sunflower-themed cake smash!

I always encourage parents to bring in a favorite or familiar toy to their session for this exact reason. My number one recommendation is usually a wooden spoon to play with. This works especially well if baby is not quite ready for cake. But a favorite stuffy or treasured toy works just as well! 

With her adorable golden yellow romper, Elizabeth tasted her birthday cake and was positively delighted at the sugary treat that was made just for her! Her tot-sized birthday cake was done with a crumb coating. To top off her birthday cake, a singular sunflower tied together the overall theme of her Petite Cake Smash session! You can see more details of this bright yellow sunflower-themed cake smash, by scrolling through the photos below.

Ready to celebrate your little one’s first birthday with a fun-themed cake smash photoshoot? You can contact me here for more details. Or, to view even more of my work, you can find me on Instagram here.


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