Session Share for Baby J – Lacey Newborn Photographer


I haven’t had a baby both awake and content for a session as this little guy for a loooooong time. This sweetie was awake for the majority of his newborn photo session, which hardly ever happens, but he was just looking around and so relaxed. He is just the sweetest little bub! He was so mellow and patient and was a willing participant in every pose that I asked him to do. We started his newborn session with pictures with his big brother, who was not very excited about being too close to his new little brother, but after a little negotiating we got him to lay down next to the baby with Lightning McQueen and Mater clutched in his hands. So cute!! I truly believe that most pictures are perfect because of the little bits of personality that show through! After pictures with brother we did mama and baby pictures, then mama, daddy and baby pictures, then we did the “guitar” pose …then this little guy was ready to take a nap. He fell fast asleep and we continued on with more adorable poses! I think the one of him in his daddy’s hands is the definition of “squish.” The way baby’s toes are all lined up is my favorite part of that image, oh and the way his arm is dangling down is just so sweet too!

If you live in the Tacoma, Seattle, or Olympia area and are interested in reserving a newborn photography session contact me today! It is never too early to reserve your baby’s session. I recommend making your reservation anytime during your second trimester to guarantee that the space around your due date is available. Is your baby here or due any day? Give me a call 360.438.0432 and let’s see if we can get you in! Space is limited but there is sometimes an opening due to a baby who is late to arrive or a baby who is an earlybird!



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