Session Share for Baby C – Newborn Baby Photographer Olympia Washington


This little one’s grandma contacted me to see if there was a last minute opening for her new little grand daughter and I was so happy to say yes! I looked at my schedule and I had one opening on my schedule which worked perfect for this baby! On the day of her session she was 9 days old, which is right in the middle of the window of time that is best for newborn pictures – 5 to 14 days. This little sweetie just stole my heart. She ate and slept and posed perfectly and then ate, slept and posed perfectly some more. Her session was just like playing with a little doll. Since she was so sleepy and content she made it very easy to move from pose to pose and set to set because the transitions did not bother her at all. I kept the lights down low, the little baby heater pointed in her direction and warmed up everything she was going to be laying on and laying under and she seemed to love everything I was doing!

This baby’s big sister just turned 2. A new two year old can be a handful at a session just for them, but add a new little baby to the session and the two year old can become quite the firecracker! This big sis wanted nothing to do with our ideas and poses at first. We tried everything to get her to snuggle up next to her sister; promises of a trip outside, letting her wear a string of pearls and even daddy’s cell phone, but she was having none of it. So we moved on (but didn’t give up LOL!) to poses of baby with mama and daddy, and poses of baby by herself and then, all of a sudden, big sister got very interested in what we were doing and happily sat down next to her baby sister for the sweetest picture!

I am now accepting reservations for baby’s due in October, November, December, January and February. If your due date is during any of those months, now is the time to contact me to reserve your session. If your baby is already here (like the baby in this blog post) or due any day, give me a call 360.438.0432 and let’s see what I have open! My schedule is constantly changing because babies are born early or late and that opens up a couple of spots every month.

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