Olympia Tacoma Newborn Photographer – Session Share for Baby G



When this little pumpkin’s mama called to schedule her session we talked about all the fun little details that she had been dreaming about for her baby’s newborn photography session. There were a few poses she wanted to do for sure: baby in daddy’s hands, the pose where the mama and daddy are holding the baby (aka “the baby bridge”) and she mentioned she was going to bring in a little panda stuffed toy and a itty bitty panda hat that her sister had made for her new niece. She then texted me a picture of the panda hat and toy panda and I was so excited and I thought – oh my goodness, how cute is that?!?! I must say this is my first panda hat – clients have brought in fox, bunny, bear, lion, tiger, giraffe, elephant hats, but this is the first panda hat and it is just too adorable!!

The stunning simplicity of the “baby in daddy’s hands” picture makes it one of my favorite poses too. This pose is all about baby and how small baby is at this very moment. Small enough to curl up into a little squishy baby ball and fall asleep in the warmth of her daddy’s hands. There is another element of the this pose that makes it fun to do – every baby will find their own little position that they are most comfortable in and when they find it, that is when the picture taking begins! Letting baby find their own happy (and sleepy!) place makes every picture unique.

Baby G came in for a Full Newborn two hour session and we did a ton of poses – I stopped counting after 9! She was such a wonderful sleeper and she found my warm and toasty studio quite to her liking!

If you are thinking about scheduling a newborn session contact me today! The best time for a newborn photography session is when baby is 5 to 12 days old. So reserving your spot early is recommended (anytime during your second trimester is great!). If your baby is due any day or you are already looking into that adorably perfect little face right now, call me and let me see if I can find you a last minute opening! 360.438.0432

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