Seattle Olympia Birth Photographer – A Father’s Perspective on Birth Photography


That moment has arrived. A small bundle of wiggling arms and legs fills those onesies that were once folded in the drawer. When you look at the swing, you see a tiny head poking out from under a blanket where before it was empty. Your newest addition to the family makes their presence known with small grunts and loud cries. Their birth-day is still so clearly imprinted in your memory. But, as weeks turn to months, the crisp details and strong emotions of that pivotal day begin to fade.

The birth of your baby is a life-changing experience. With birth photography, you can look at a the pictures from that day and relive the wonder and even anguish of those moments. Paul Giammarinaro, father of four boys, shares why they chose this unique type of photography:

“I wanted a birth photographer because as I supported my wife, through one of life’s most amazing miracles, I didn’t want to have to worry about ‘capturing the moment ‘. Instead I could focus all my energy on ‘being in the moment’. Plus, with the birthing process, there is so much raw emotion that is happening that you aren’t even aware of, and looking back on the images really takes you back to a moment where your life changed forever.”

When your little one is ready to enter the world, you don’t want to miss a single moment. You and your partner deserve to be fully involved in the birthing process without the stress or distraction of snapping photos. Please contact Fairies and Frogs with any questions and we will respectfully capture those powerful birth moments.


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