Seattle Newborn Photographer | Baby Boy Session

As a Seattle Newborn Photographer, I love it when mamas bring their sweet newborns into my studio!

This sweet baby boy came to the Fairies and Frogs studio for a classic cream-colored photoshoot. When his mom contacted me to schedule the shoot, she requested the classic cream theme along with a butterfly reflection pose. The reflection pose has to be one of the most requested poses at Fairies and Frogs Photography!! Although I don’t think baby was too happy with me when we laid him into the butterfly set. You’ll get to see by his expression that he has a “hey can’t a guy get some sleep around here?!” look on his face! It’s so cute!

All joking aside, we managed to make it work and capture all of the shots that mom requested. I love the subtle yet delicate feel of the cozy cream setting that she chose!

To create the reflection pose with the butterfly setting, I used a dark blue backdrop and swaddled the baby in a gauzy blue muslin wrap. You’ll get to see the shot if you scroll all the way to the end!

This sweet baby was as cute as can be! I even managed to capture him smiling during his photoshoot. Having worked as a baby photographer for over 22 years, I can tell you that it is super rare to capture a newborn smiling during their session. My heart always leaps when one of these little humans gives me a big heartfelt smile!

Something else very rare about this photoshoot, aside from the sweet smile I captured, is that we were able to capture baby both asleep and awake! That hardly ever happens and it’s always such a beautiful contrast to see in the photos.

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