Seattle Maternity Photos

Every mom should be made to feel like an absolute queen during her Seattle maternity photos! The duration of your pregnancy is such a beautiful moment where you create an unbreakable bond between you and your little one. But I know it’s not easy to make the decision to step in front of the camera while you’re pregnant.

It can be so hard to think about putting yourself first as a mom-to-be. You’re running around shopping for all the best baby gear, preparing a nursery, and driving back and forth to an endless stream of doctor’s appointments. You might be thinking that you’ll have some photos of yourself during this time from your baby shower, and that should be more than enough. Besides, you don’t exactly feel like having your picture taken right now. Your feet feel swollen and it feels like your due date seems will never arrive.

Can I let you in on a secret? Almost all of the expectant moms I meet feel this way! And the ones I meet later, when they bring their babies in for newborn photos, always say the same thing. They regret not having captured their maternity photos when they had the opportunity. As your maternity photographer, it’s my job to make you look and feel like an absolute queen! With my client closet full of crowns, gowns, and gorgeous necklaces, I love it when my moms-to-be get to have fun playing around with gowns that dance in the wind while highlighting their baby bump. I love hearing mamas say “Oooh! Can I see that gown?”.  I love lifting them up during this special moment in their life, but, above all, I love capturing the moment for them to cherish for a lifetime!

Thinking about having your Seattle maternity photos taken before your beautiful baby makes their way into the world? I would love to capture this special bond between you & your baby!

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