Seattle First Birthday Photographer | Cake Smash

Seattle First Birthday Photographer | Cake Smash

Happy Birthday to Mr. Everett! Everett and his mama were the sweetest little duo, and we all had so much fun! This little one is so full of energy, running here and there, and wanting to play. I love watching my little clients have a blast in my studio. There’s nothing better than a happy birthday boy during his first birthday photo session!

About this Cake Smash Session

Everett’s session was classic and traditional, as mama requested to keep the props simple and blue. The birthday boy was absolutely adorable and so fun to take photos of! Everett did not want to sit, not one bit, for his session. He wanted to run, run, run! Which can lead to two things: great action pictures and a very sweaty mama who has to keep picking him up and putting him back by the cake! He did stop for just a few seconds though to eat some cake, with a spoon of course, and play with his balloon.
Altogether, Everett, his mama, and I had such a fun time! We ended the session with a few bubble bath photos, which the little guy loved! Everett was loving the bubbles. I am so glad I was able to capture these adorable moments for this family, and hope to see Everett’s snaggle-toothed smile in the near future!

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