Seattle Children’s Imagination Photo Shoot

This Seattle Children’s Imagination Photo Shoot is in the theme of The Little Prince!

Meet the Birthday girl, Luna! Luna came to see me a year ago when she turned one and now she’s back to celebrate her second birthday!

For her second birthday, mom booked Luna a Seattle Children’s Imagination Photo Shoot and she opted for the Luxe package. The Luxe Imagination Session also includes a set of traditional portraits which you’ll get to see below! Little Luna had a blast striking a pose in my tot-sized chairs. She especially loved the curved chair and she was very creative in discovering new ways to pose in it!

Imagination photoshoots are made to bring the imagination of childhood to life while celebrating a world where anything is possible. Fairies and magic, or superheroes and capes; the adventurous mind turns daydreams into reality during an imagination photo shoot!

Mom asked if we could style Luna’s photo shoot in the theme of The Little Prince. To make the story of The Little Prince come to life through photos, we set little Luna up in a hot air basket for a trip to the moon! Once she arrived on the moon, Luna cast her fishing rod into the Milkyway to fish for stars which she collected in her pail.

When Luna came back to earth, her Little Prince Imagination Photo Shoot continued when she happened upon a curious little fox in a field of Lavender. If you are looking for a magical, fun photo session to capture your little one’s creative spirit then an Imagination Session might be right for you! Together we can create a world where your child can step into their favorite storybook.

Ready to celebrate your little one’s Imagination with a Photo Shoot in Seattle? You can Contact Me Here to begin the process! Or, to view even more of my work, you can find me on Instagram here!

Milky Way and starry sky background
Digital Background by Tara Mapes


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