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Favorite Image of 2014

It was so hard to choose just one picture for the Rock the Shot January Photo Challenge, but here is one of my favorites! I love it when a plan for a picture comes together with colors and textures and a willing participant! Sometimes it takes a while to find all the pieces but when all the pieces finally fit together it is pure magic! So here are the pieces… my mom called and said “Hey, I found this gray puff-a-lump thing, I think it might work for your sessions and it’s only $6”. “Sounds great! Get it!” was my reply. I had been looking for something gray to use in my newborn sessions and it was one of those things that I would know it when I found it but this time my mom found it! (My mom is a super prop finder! She even found a little chair for me while on vacation in Arizona and drove it all the way back home to Washington State!) The second piece of the puzzle was the gray scarf this little guy is laying on. I loved the rustic look of it. The third piece was the little blue pants and hat. I just got it a couple of weeks before this session and I new it would look quite dramatic with the gray background. The last and most important piece was the baby and he totally rocked it!  Thank you baby!!

Baby in Blue by Fairies & Frogs Photography

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