Remie’s Cake Smash Session

Just about a year ago this funny, lively, beautifully-spirited little human was in my studio as a teeny tiny newborn and now Miss Remie is turning one – and I was so excited to do Remie’s cake smash session! She is taking her first steps, laughing, clapping and has the most adorable and engaging personality! Her bright eyes and beautiful smile completely lit up my studio – I didn’t even need a flash! Not to brag, but I really do have the best, most uplifting job working with sweet hearts like Remie’s – it’s hard to have a bad day at work when this is in front of your lens!

We started her birthday session some traditional birthday portraits right before the cake smash (or as I like to call it, “the part where baby wears something too nice to get cake on.” LOL! For the first part of the session, Remie wore a traditional Korean first birthday outfit in the most gorgeous shades of pastels. She looked absolutely lovely, and I don’t think there was pose in any part of this session that she didn’t like – what a model!

After the traditional portraits we transitioned to the beloved Cake Smash! Remie had an absolute ball! She figured out very quickly that the cake was super tasty and she did NOT need to use her hands at all to eat it. That method was just too slow! One of my most favorite things to happen during a cake smash is when baby just starts taking bites out of the cake. It doesn’t happen that often, but when it does it makes my photographer and mama heart very happy! And Remie went to town eating this beautiful (and clearly delicious) cake!

After Remie ate and smashed her way through her yummy cake, we went to last part of the session which is the bathtub portion. She gave me the biggest smiles and was fascinated by all the ducks on the floor and especially all the ducks behind her! It was a tough job to keep her from turning around!

Happy First Birthday Remie!

Cake Smash SessionCake Smash SessionCake Smash SessionCake Smash SessionCake Smash SessionCake Smash Session

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