Puyallup Newborn Photographer | Family Session

Capturing growing families is what my work as a Puyallup newborn photographer is all about!

The beautiful family in the photos below has been coming to the Fairies and Frogs Photography studio since before the oldest sister was born. It all began when mom reached out to me for her very first maternity photoshoot. From there we have worked together on newborn photography for all three of her littles. As well as milestone sessions in between like six-month sitter sessions and first birthday celebrations!

I loved being able to have a birds-eye view of watching the two girls grow. Now they are celebrating the newest member of their family, a sweet baby brother, named Legend! Legend came to the studio for his newborn photoshoot with Mom, Dad, and his two big sisters! Isn’t that so special? When it came time for Legend to take center stage for his photoshoot, we created a custom image just for him. Legend is laying beside a crown fit for a king with a bit of gold dust sparkling in the air. Creating custom images always makes my creative side delighted. It is truly a gift to me, to create something special that I know a family will treasure for years to come!

Baby Legend had a few outfit changes throughout his shoot. We captured him all wrapped up in a periwinkle-colored swaddle for his photos with mom. For his photos with dad, both Dad and baby went shirt-free. PS: skin to skin contact is one of the best ways to bond with your newborn! For his photos with his two adorable big sisters, all three siblings were dressed in a crisp shade of white.

When it came time to capture his imagination photos, we put baby Legend in a sweet little onesie with a long sleeping cap to match! This Puyallup newborn shoot was really all about the details! If you look closely at the photos of mom and dad, you will notice that they are both wearing necklaces inscribed with the baby’s name on them!

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