Puyallup Newborn Photographer | Baby Aurora

One of my favorite custom requests as a Puyallup Newborn Photographer has to be the Northern Lights themed set up in this post!!

The family featured below is a family full of love with 4 littles! They came to the Fairies and Frogs studio a few years back with the arrival of baby number 3 and here they are today welcoming baby number 4 with her very own photoshoot. Mom, dad, and siblings included!

This sweet little girl’s middle name is Aurora. Isn’t that such a beautiful name? Naturally, mom asked me if it would be possible to create a custom image of her sweet girl fast asleep on the moon with a backdrop of the Northern Lights, to honor her moniker. I love custom requests like these that have so much personal meaning behind them! So, of course, we had to make it happen! Baby had no objections and slumbered away peacefully as the night sky danced away magically in the background. In fact, she was as calm and easy-going as can be for the whole shoot!

Mom booked a Luxe Newborn Session for her sweet girl. The amazing thing about the Luxe Newborn Session is that your entire family can come into the studio to take part in the session! For this family, it was all about honoring their ‘last adventure’ for baby number 4. Knowing that this would be the last baby added to their family, they also requested to mark the bittersweet occasion with a special setup. For their custom request, I created an ‘our last adventure’ layout for this tiny sleeping princess. She laid on top of a vintage leather suitcase flanked by dusty pink faux flowers with a custom sign hung in the backdrop! Scroll all the way down to see every tender moment from this session!

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