Puyallup First Birthday Photoshoot

There was no cake leftover by the time we finished up this Puyallup first birthday photoshoot!

This little guy loved the cake! It’s funny really, only a very small percentage of the babies that I work with on cake smash photoshoots will actually smash the cake. But this little guy went all in and he was not afraid to make it fun! There is almost always leftover cake for the family to go home with, but not this time!

Don’t be fooled by this little one’s ability to smash a cake! He started out the session very cautiously, taking in the sights and getting a feel for what we were doing. After a short bit, he warmed right up and he was all smiles and giggles from that point on!

We started out his session with traditional portraits. He sat on top of one of my tot-sized benches in his adorable overalls with a wooden block in each of his tiny hands. Seriously cute! We then moved on to his twinkling woodsy fairytale setup. With pinecones, mini trees, and twinkling lights in the backdrop, this is where the birthday boy had fun with a cake just for him!

His mama booked a customized Luxe First Birthday session to celebrate his first birthday. She asked if it would be ok for big sister to join in on the shoot and to add on just one more imagination photo. We worked together to get the birthday boy and his proud big sister sitting in a dinghy watching the “floating lights”, much like a long-haired princess in a tower!

Ready to celebrate your little one’s first birthday with a Puyallup First Birthday Photoshoot? You can contact me here to begin the process! Or, to view even more of my work, you can find me on Instagram here!


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