Puget Sound Newborn Photographer

Baby eyes, nose, fingers and toes! As a Puget Sound newborn photographer, my days are filled with the sweetest little bundles of joy, like baby Emilio. His family was filled with so much anticipation, and this tiny little boy has finally made his arrival into the world. As you might imagine when he finally decided to say hello, everyone in the family was on cloud nine!

Personally, I love it when the entire family is ready to step in front of the camera at a newborn session. It’s such a special time in a family’s life when a baby makes their arrival. One filled with joyous memories. So I always encourage, Moms, Dads, siblings, and grandparents to take part in the shoot. 

Puget Sound Newborn Photographer

Sweet little baby Emilio’s family reached out to me for a Luxe Newborn Session. They wanted to capture this adorable baby boy in the cutest little poses. But, they also wanted to make it a family affair! I offer up to 9 poses with my Luxe Newborn Session. So it provided us with plenty of room to get creative with family poses. While also putting little Emilio in the most fantastic scenes. 

When it came to family photos, sweet little Emilio slumbered away in his big sister’s arms in the most adorable, cuddly photo. And, with the whole family in front of the camera, he was wide awake as Dad held him close. It was such a joyous moment celebrated by all!

Unique, but delicate, as Emilio’s Puget Sound newborn photographer, I was so excited to put him in my firefly nest setup! This particular setup is one-of-a-kind and exclusive to my studio, so it was fun to depict Emilio sweetly slumbering away as the fireflies danced around him in the night. While most newborns are happy to slumber sweetly for the duration of their session, little Emilio was on his own schedule, and it was grand! He decided that he would sleep for some portions of his session, and be wide awake for others! I call this a unicorn session because it’s so rare to get a newborn who does both while in front of the camera. At one point, I even got a great big newborn yawn from Emilio! It was so adorable and truly made my day. To see more moments of Emili’s newborn session, scroll through the photos below.

Are you searching for a Puget Sound Newborn photographer to capture the unforgettable moments of your sweet baby’s arrival?

To get started, you can contact me at this link. Or to view even more of my work, you can find me on Instagram @fairiesandfrogsphotography.


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