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create-the-most-beautiful-wall-art-with-your-images-from-fairies-and-frogs-photography-in-olympia-washingtonAll right…technically your digital photographs can’t gather dust. They also won’t get faded, creased and smelly from sitting in your mom’s seemingly endless supply of photo-filled shoe boxes. (Assuming this was a wide-spread phenomenon and not just one mom’s madness). But is sitting in your computer’s hard drive really a better fate for your pictures than that whole shoe box deal?

Of course not!

However fun it may be to leave embarrassing pictures of your family on the computer’s screen saver, your computer is not a photo album. It’s a photo album back-up, (which ironically needs backing-up itself), and a great tool, but not the end product. Pictures are meant to be seen, especially when you’ve put in the time, effort and cost to have really great professional photos done.

Take for example, oh say, that amazingly professional newborn photo session you just had done. Odds are, it wasn’t a mere documentation of the fact that you have a baby, but an outright celebration of your newest family member. It’s art! And art goes, (well a lot of places, really, but mostly) on the wall! Not to mention that photos from the same talented photographer can be printed in any size. So, go big and make an impact! Here at Fairies and Frogs each session includes all of your digital images. Each image is professionally edited and in high resolution so you can print small, print medium or print huge! One of my clients had an image made into a gigantic 3 foot by 5 foot canvas and it was amazingly beautiful!

The world may have gone digital-crazy, yet again and again we can’t resist appreciating things that actually exist outside of our computers. (Like food and trees and photos that won’t vanish during technology failures). Print those photos! For any help or questions, including the best places to get your images printed and printing services, please contact us today!

If you are going to have a baby anytime in the near future…September, October, November, December or January – now is the time to reserve your newborn session. Newborn Sessions are best if they take place when baby is between 5 and 12 days old – so you can make sure to get those itty bitty squishy baby pictures that you can display proudly on your wall! Is your baby already here or due any day? Call me and let’s see if we can find you a space! 360.438.0432

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