Photography Session Referral Program-Olympia Baby Photographer

Fairies & Frogs Photography has a fabulous referral card program that is so easy to use! You can use our referral card program even if your session is scheduled for a couple months away. Imagine this…you could have your whole session paid for and your prints or canvases paid for using our referral card program! Really! What is really neat about our referral program is that it is a win-win for both you and the person that you are referring to Fairies & Frogs Photography. Here is all you have to do, tell your friends and family about us and then when that person calls us and books & completes a session with us, you get $25 credit and they get $25 credit too!  At your session, you will receive a stack of cute little cards that you can hand out to friends and family.  The cards will already have your name on them, so you can hand them out and you can rest assured that your name is the name the person you referred to us will say when we ask “were you referred by someone?” As each card with your name on it comes in to the studio, we will save them and you can redeem them for your current or next session, but remember, you don’t have to wait for your cards, you can start anytime and we will keep track of all of your referrals. Your baby’s first year will go by so fast and you could get great discounts for your newborn session, your 6 month session and your baby’s first birthday session! You could have your whole year completely covered with all of your referrals.  There is no limit to how many referrals you can have and we greatly appreciate each and every one! We love to make our clients happy!


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