Photography Session for a Preemie-Olympia, Lacey, JBLM, WA

Little bitty babies are a great big deal at Fairies & Frogs Photography!  We are often asked how old a baby should be for their newborn photo session and our recommendation is between two days and ten days after their birth date.  However, preemies are in a whole different category of their own!  A preemie might have had to stay in the hospital for a few weeks, so that two day to ten window for them to come in for their newborn session is just not possible.  When a mom or dad calls to reserve a newborn session for their preemie we move mountains to get them our very next available session time that works with their schedule.  A preemie could be four to six weeks old when they are able to come in for their session, but because they were early birds they might be four to six weeks old but they will still be small enough to fit into our newborn props and do all the things that  two day or 10 day old newborns do.  With all of our clients; from the newborns, babies and children and families that come in to the Fairies & Frogs Studio, we take the utmost care to keep everything warm and cozy and germ free.  All of our blankets and fabrics are washed after each session, our props are sanitized and we have a big jar of hand sanitizer sitting in our main session room to keep all those icky germs away!!

So we have just got to talk about the picture collage!  This little man is a sweet Preemie!  He is the pride and joy of his wonderful family!  When his Me-Maw called to reserve his newborn session she mentioned that she was bringing in a Flying V Guitar that she wanted us to use in a picture with the baby.  When they arrived for his session I did not imagine that the guitar was this beautiful custom wooden Flying V. It was gorgeous and it was so much fun to figure out exactly how we were going to get the baby with the guitar and make him look like a rock star!!  Rock on Baby!


This little dude is ready to rock and roll!

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