Photo session for a six month old baby – Olympia, WA

A very popular question we are asked all the time is “is it ok if my baby wears stripes for their photo session?”  The answer to that is yes!  Stripes are absolutely adorable!  Wide stripes or even thin stripes like the baby’s jacket in the pictures below can make a photo session fun and super colorful.  Fairies & Frogs Photography has tons of backdrops and floors that will go with practically any stripe or pattern that you can bring in!   We have moms and dads ask us the “stripes or no stripes” question often, and what we suggest is bring in the outfit with stripes and also bring in an outfit without stripes and we can put the baby in both outfits.   Once we see the outfit we will know exactly how it will photograph and we can even help you decide about an outfit way before your session via Facetime or texting!  You can show us your favorite outfits before the session through Facetime and/or texting and we can help you decide which two or three outfits, shoes and accessories will look the best in your baby’s photo session.  Isn’t technology wonderful!?

It turns out that many mom’s and dad’s favorite outfit for their baby has a pattern, like stripes or dots or flowers and as a matter of fact, my favorite outfit for both of my babies had light blue and dark blue stripes (I still have that little outfit in a memory box now that my babies are big boys!).  Patterns should not be avoided for a photo session and can add that touch of whimsy to your baby’s pictures.   So if you have a hat, socks, onesies, diaper cover, bib, shirt, jacket or sweater that has stripes bring it on in!   Hats and socks with stripes are especially cute!



Stripes are adorable on this little man! Don’t be afraid of stripes!

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