Olympia Washington Newborn Photographer – Niche Photographer vs “Jack of all Trades” Photographer


Your life is about to change. You are about to have a baby. A major shift in the way you are currently living your life is fast approaching and you want to capture this magical moment in your life with professional photos.

Bombarded by websites and advertisements, the possibilities seem endless. So many photographers, such variety in their work, which one do you choose? Your first step in wading through the onslaught of information is to rule out the “jack of all trades” photographers from the specialized photographers.

Niche photographers are experts in their field. Because they don’t have to, or don’t want to, spread themselves across a variety of subjects, they can devote more time to their desired field. This means more classes or schooling, more experience in the studio posing their subjects and more experimentation with props and tools.

More variety does not mean better quality. A photographer of food will need different equipment than a photographer of children. Lenses, lighting, in-studio, outdoors, subjects that can move around versus subjects that will stay absolutely still, all factor into the quality of your photo. While one camera may “do the trick” for every venue, better quality comes from a photographer who is more focused on the subject that they love to photograph. This photographer can magically soothe your sleeping newborn while gently folding their fragile bodies into seemingly impossible positions. However, this same photographer cannot take a mouth watering picture of a hamburger, and that’s OK, because that is not their venue. Babies are their venue.

Just like a camera, the more focused a photographer is on their own field will produce an abundance of crisp, better quality photos. It may seem more convenient to hire a “one man band” in a time where everyone claims to be a photographer. But if you want your memories captured in a timeless photo, steer clear of the variety show and find a specialized photographer like Anne of Fairies and Frogs Photography. Her 17 years of working in the niche of newborn photography has given her unparalleled experience in this particular and specialized genre of photography.

The best time to have a newborn session is when baby is 5 to 12 days old. We suggest reserving your session early while in your second trimester. Is your baby already here or due any day? Email Anne or give her a call 360.438.0432 and let’s see if there is a last minute opening on the schedule!

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