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From the very first time the mama of this little peanut called me to reserve her session I knew it was going to be a magical! Meet Wyatt, he was born three weeks early at 4 pounds 14 oz and was just about 5 pounds when he came in for his newborn photography session – and they drove all the way from West Seattle to see me! His session was so much fun, it was almost like a party! His mama and daddy were with him and so were his grandma and grandpa!

At his session, his gorgeous mama had one pose request that she wanted to make sure we did- the baby in the moon picture! She was a little worried that because Wyatt was so tiny, he might be overwhelmed with the size of the moon prop but he fit perfectly and just snuggled himself right in and fell asleep. I have a few props that are just for tiny preemies and it is so fun when a teeny baby comes in because I get to use my tiniest props. His grandma had one request too – she had brought a Seahawks 12th Man t-shirt in and wondered if it could be incorporated in one of her grandson’s pictures…but of course! I folded the shirt into a little blanket and tucked him right into his own little Seahawks bed and then he lifted up his arms all by himself in the “touchdown pose”! This little guy was not only super cute he had perfect timing! The shirt was meaningful in many ways as this baby was their 12th grandchild and they are big Seahawks fans!

This family is completely in love with baby Wyatt and his name is just too adorable! We did some poses with baby and mama and daddy, and then pictures of daddy holding baby, mama holding baby and his grandma and grandpa holding baby. You can just feel the love radiating off everybody as they each took turns posing with this new perfect little person.


If you are thinking about scheduling a newborn session contact us today! The best time for a newborn session is when baby is 5 to 12 days old. If you have a preemie, this timeline changes a little bit. The window of time for a preemie is longer (or later) than 5 to 12 days because they were born early. The Fairies and Frogs Studio is a warm and toasty, fully equipped newborn studio that your baby will love! Let’s chat about your dream session!


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