Olympia Washington Newborn Photographer-Adorable Newborn Photo Session

Newborn Photography sessions at Fairies & Frogs Photography are magical.  That is the only way I can describe it!  Each little human that I am given the honor to photograph is so very special and each session is totally different because each baby is different.  Your baby is unique, even at the young age of 5 to 10 days new, he or she is already forming an opinion about what they like and don’t like and I have to figure out what their preferences are and pay attention to the cues they are giving me.  Some babies love to be snuggled tight in swaddling blankets and some babies don’t want that at all, they want to stretch out.  Some babies don’t want to sleep because they are afraid they will miss something and others are very easy to get to fall asleep.  Some want to eat, eat, eat and some are fine after one feeding.  Your baby is one of a kind and that is how your baby’s session will be; one of a kind.  Of course, you and I will chat before your session about what props you might bring and what props you would like to use that we have here at the Fairies & Frogs studio.  We will talk about the colors that you like (neutral or more vibrant) and what poses you are particularly fond of that you would like to try.  All that being said, babies will do what babies will do and they sometimes have a plan of their own.  (I think they are listening to our pre-session conversation and then they think about whether or not they are going to go along with our plan LOL!)  It is because each new baby is different that makes me LOVE newborn sessions.  The uniqueness of your baby will shape your session and create the most beautiful images for you and your family!



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