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The birth of your baby is a miraculous event! In this day and age where everyone has a phone that can take pictures of every event, this is one moment where it is so important for all those lucky enough to be invited to share this day with the mama and baby, to be “present”. If there was ever a time to be “in the moment” this would be the time! I am so honored when I get invited to photograph a birth and I am so excited to be able to capture the emotions, the blur of activity, the excitement and the love for this new little human for a wonderful family!

Here are some frequently asked questions about”Birth Experience” Photography:

Q:What if my baby is born at 2:00 in the morning?

A:No problem! I am available all hours of the day or night to attend your baby’s birth.

Q: When do I call you?

A: You can call or text me when you are on the way to the hospital and then when you are admitted just keep me posted as to how your labor is going (fast or slow). We will be in constant contact and I will be getting ready to come and take pictures of your baby!

Q: What if we have to do a C-Section?

A: As long as you and your doctor are comfortable, I can be in the delivery room with you.

When you are ready to reserve your “Birth Experience” photography session you and I will talk about the pictures you want taken at your delivery. For example the pictures you might want are: laboring pictures, family waiting pictures, the birth (we will talk specifics about what you would like for me to capture), baby’s weight, head size, baby’s length, baby’s first bath, the first time mama holds baby, the first time daddy holds baby, the first time baby nurses and more. There are so many “first moments” during a birth session that you will want me to capture them all!

Here is some other information that I like to share with all my mamas…at every birth session I am like a little floating cloud with a camera. I stay out of the way and most of the time you won’t even know I am there! Also, I do not use flash at any of my birth photography sessions. I am able to capture memories for you in any lighting condition.

I only do two or three “Birth Experience” sessions per month so that I can ensure that I will be able to attend every birth. If you would like more information or if you are ready to book your birth photography session call me and let’s chat! 360.438.0432



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