Olympia Washington Baby Photographer

How old, or rather how young should your new baby be for a newborn session?   At Fairies & Frogs Photography, our recommendation is between 3 days and 10 days old.  Yes, that soon!  During that tiny window of time from birth to 10 days, your baby is still sleepy and your baby will transition from pose to pose with ease and because not too many days have passed from when they were curled up inside your belly, they will still allow us to get them into those adorable bundled up wraps and they are small enough to fit into some of our props that are for the itty bitty newborns.  For instance, in the picture collage below, the moon and the little wagon with red wheels are a couple of our adorable props that are for newborns only.  Babies that are older than 10 days become much more awake and aware.  For newborn photography, every day that passes makes a big difference!

The best time to reserve a session for your newborn is before your baby is born.  We do a limited amount of newborn sessions per month so reserving your session time in advance to make sure that we can get your baby a session during that 3 to 10 day window of time is highly recommended.  Once your session time is reserved, you are officially on our calendar and we are happy to move your session depending on when baby arrives, because sometimes baby will arrive when he or she wants to! :)

What happens if your baby is already here?!  Don’t panic but call us right now!  Well, maybe not right now, but soon!  We will certainly try to find a session time for your baby because we know how important it is to capture this moment of time for you and your new baby.  They are only this little once.


This big sister is such a big helper with her new little brother!

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