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Your baby will change sooooooo much during their first year.  At Fairies & Frogs Photography we have a wonderful way to capture the newborn, 6th month and first year milestones!  We have a special plan called the “Watch Me Grow” first year session bundle.  This bundle is for three sessions: the newborn session, the  6th month session and the first birthday session.

Some fun ideas to include for the three sessions are special props that we can use for each session.  For instance, in the picture collage below, for all three sessions this momma and daddy brought in a cuddly teddy bear and a beautiful green blanket that this little boy’s momma was knitting for him when he was still in her tummy!  At his newborn session the blanket was partly finished so we filled our antique wooden bowl with the colorful balls of yarn and covered him with the little piece of blanket that was still in the making and then for each of his sessions more and more of the blanket was completed.  At his first birthday, the blanket was all done!

For the pictures with the teddy bear, it is fun to see just how big baby is getting compared to the bear!  I love that the bears shoes are missing at the first birthday session, it shows that he is a loved bear and now we have one barefoot baby and one “bearfoot” bear!

The final session is the fun, fun, fun cake smash session!  With the “Watch Me Grow” plan, Fairies & Frogs is happy to provide the cake for the smashing!  We will even have your cake customized to match your baby’s cake smash outfit :)  and we do all the cleanup!  At Fairies & Frogs we have a post-cake smash baby bathing station in our country kitchen; complete with yellow rubber duckies, organic soaps and warm fluffy towels!



That first year goes by so quickly!

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