Olympia Tacoma Newborn Baby Photographer – How do I know my baby will cooperate for their newborn photo session?


Being a new parent, whether for the 1st time or for the 5th, is always a thrilling and exciting beginning to a life completely new. With the hustle and bustle of the first week with baby, is it really worth it to schedule in a newborn shoot? The answer without a doubt is “Yes.” A baby’s aging process is much more rapid than our own and sooner or later that little bundle of joy will look much different from the gentle newborn you now hold. What better way to save the tender expressions that your little one displays than by going to a photographer with 17 years experience that can capture these precious expressions for you to review again and again.

Then there’s always that anxiousness in the back of the mind of “What if my baby is super fussy and cries the whole time?” or “I really love those bare bottom pictures but my baby is so gassy; what if he messes himself on the props?” It basically sums down to “How do I know my baby will cooperate for their newborn photo session?” Let your fears be at ease. When you choose a highly accomplished photographer specialized in the field of newborn photography, I can promise you that your baby won’t be the first and only baby to be fussy, or gassy, or spit up or mess on the props or the photographer! LOL! So what if she cries or he messes himself? Specialized photographers like myself are trained through years of experience. As a master of the art of newborn photography, I will know exactly what to do in your own individual situation and you will walk away thrilled and awed by the pictures of your little one.

After 17 years of experience, I have seen what has and what hasn’t worked when it comes to working with the tiniest little babies. I know the most flattering angles and have perfected little tricks of the trade (such a soothing and swaddling) to help make the experience as enjoyable and rewarding as possible. So relax, trust my newborn-photography-baby-ninja-jedi skills :), and enjoy the breath taking images that come from an experience you will never regret.

Contact us today to schedule your newborn shoot. My calendar fills up fast, booking early is recommended. If your baby is already here or due any day, contact Anne and let’s see if we have a spot for you!

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