Olympia Tacoma Newborn Baby Photographer – 3 Solid Reasons You Totally Need A Niche Photographer


stunning-newborn-photography-in-lacey-olympia-waSo, you’re curious about the benefits of choosing a niche photographer, are you? Well, you’ve come to just the right place! First, let’s define what a “niche photographer” really is in the world of photography. An individual who bills themselves as a niche photographer is someone who has dedicated themselves to photographing subject matter in one particular field of interest such as weddings, sports, fashion or, the incredible field we’ve chosen–maternity and babies!

Now that you know what they are, you need to know what it means to choose one over a “Jack of all trades” photographer when on the hunt for a professional whose job will be to immortalize an occasion that you want to remember for the rest of your life.

Benefit Number 1:

Let’s say you’re about to give birth and you want to make sure that you have photos of your little cherub which will convey with absolute clarity, all her precious features from her daddy’s little button nose to her mommy’s perfectly straight toes. Sure, go ahead and snap a few with your cell camera. I mean, 8 megapixels is enough to capture the exact color of her peach fuzz hair and her bright blue eyes, right? Not exactly.

You’d probably be incredibly surprised by all the detail even digital cameras miss if you don’t know exactly how to frame the shot or worse yet, can’t hold the camera straight. We share your joy, and we’re super excited to have the privilege of being your chosen photographers, but it’s our job to stay behind the camera. While relatives and friends all want to be in on the fun, they can’t (and shouldn’t) sacrifice togetherness time by playing family photographer. Even if you have a pro in the family, they’re probably awesome photographers, but if this isn’t their niche, they simply won’t be as skilled at catching the magic of the moments you create. We’ve got the equipment and trained, steady hands and 17 years of experience with photographing newborns to make sure the job’s done right.

Benefit Number 2:

In case it wasn’t mentioned earlier, this is what we do. This is our bread and butter. The passion we have for helping you create memories you can look back on for generations to come is simply unmatched. As with all niche photographers, our passion is to capture the absolute best shots possible. It’s not an easy job, either. Taking great pictures (of anything, really) is much more than just point and shoot. Timing is a huge element that comes into play, especially where babies are concerned.

If you already have little ones running around, you know exactly what I mean! Their moods can be unpredictable. Content one second, crying the next for no apparent reason; it’s not always easy trying to capture images of little ones. We’ve made a living out of it, though, because we know how tiring it can be for new parents to try to get great shots and simultaneously really enjoy the bonding experience, and, well, we really love kids.

Benefit Number 3:

Remember how embarrassing it was when you brought your first date in to meet your parents and mom just had to whip out the baby albums? Showing off your naked bum in the bathtub brought her such joy. You begged her to put them away so you could get going and then yelled at her the next day for making your face turn as red as the rose that your date presented to you at the door. You wanted nothing more than to burn the entire album, but mom insisted she needed them for future “bribery” purposes, promising that the next time you come home late from the movies, she’ll show your date your six-month baby pictures where you’re sitting in a basket wearing nothing but a bunny ear headband. You totally didn’t think it was funny back then, but you made sure you weren’t a second late coming home from your dates after that, didn’t you? You don’t know it yet, but you’re going to need that very same security. And, the better the pictures, the more effective the bribery, we guarantee it!

Whether you’re looking for a magical maternity session, whimsical newborn photos or milestone pictures that tell the story of your baby’s journey thus far, you only need to contact us to book a session that will be almost as memorable as the images themselves! Any old photographer from Yelp! or Craigslist can take some photos for you, but when it comes to these treasured occasions, without exception, you want pictures that will speak to you every time you look at them. And we’re exactly the pros you need to give your memories a voice.

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