Olympia Pregnancy Photographer – Maternity Photos Are A Must, And Here’s Why!


There are probably about a hundred reasons why capturing your pregnancy with pictures is so important. Rather than run through a really long list, let’s have some fun and illustrate a scenario!

You’ve just found out you’re pregnant. Congratulations! The journey on which you are about to embark is one that you’ll never forget. Or is it?

Suddenly, you’re ten weeks in, and, with your morning sickness showing no remorse, you’re almost kinda wishing you hadn’t gone through with this whole thing. Almost.

You know it will get better, though. Everyone keeps telling you that all you need to do is keep some Saltines next to your bed, and before you know it, those nauseating icky feelings will be gone, having given way to a subtle fluttering in your abdomen; something you were certain you wouldn’t feel until you were much closer to your due date. Okay, well, maybe it’s still too early to feel the baby scrunching around in there and you’re actually only feeling little gas bubbles, but hey, at least the morning sickness is gone!

Right around that time, you begin to show just a bit, and have the most beautiful little baby bump peeking out over the top of your rapidly shrinking jeans. Excited, you grab your cell phone, make a beeline for the first mirror that will allow a full body view, and start snapping pictures of the elegant little belly that’s begun to pop out, totally anxious to Snapchat the photos to all your friends.

Uh, oh, Houston, we have a problem! The pictures are all out of focus, there’s a hugely bright glare from the flash, and you can’t seem to get a flattering side shot that highlights both your bump and your dewy, glowing face. Disappointed, you put the phone down and start to feel completely emotional about not being able to share your enthusiasm with your friends and family, and to top that off, you can no longer button your favorite jeans. Tears well up in your eyes as you begin to feel the sting of fluctuating hormones.

Hold the phone!

It’s not all bad, we swear! Sure, there will be times where you feel absolutely out of sorts, and that’s entirely normal. Every time you notice growth from within, it has the potential to trigger a mixture of emotions, some of which have you eager to display the life you’re carrying through images that show just how happy you are and how great you’re doing. So, why on earth would you want to keep frustrating yourself by taking mirror selfies that never turn out right? There’s a solution out there right under your nose. In fact, you’ve found it right here!

If you’ve already been through a pregnancy, you probably understand that there are periods of time throughout where you just feel plain dumpy. Your body goes through all sorts of changes, and sometimes you’re not really ready for them. We’ve got your back, though. Everywhere from the first sign of the baby bump to when you’re about ready to deliver, we capture every delicate stage, helping you feel as beautiful as you truly are during and after each session. Pregnancy is no walk in the park, but we know how to make it look like it is, whether you already feel like the gorgeous creature you are or not. Nobody knows how to make women feel as feminine and glamorous as we do while capturing the radiance of maternity.

Just as pregnancies have trimesters that the doctors follow for milestone purposes, the stages through which you go while pregnant are special in their own ways. Perhaps you’ve made a flip-book at some point in your life where a character walks from one end of a scene to the other. When you flip through the pages, you’re watching the character progress from one spot to the next. As neat as you probably thought that was back then, the progress of your pregnancy is just soooo much cooler! If you aren’t documenting it to help you continue feeling sexy or to guilt trip your child later on, (“Look at how I carried you for nine whole months!”) you could at least make a flip-book out of it and laugh with your partner as you watch yourself go from baby bump to beach ball.

Ah, I digress.

Seriously speaking, being pregnant is an adventure that is truly unique for every woman, including how she feels emotionally and physically. One thing we all seem to have in common, however, is the desire to share our excitement through photos. And I think we can all agree that we really only want to post or send pictures in which we look our best. It’s not every day that we look and feel that way when we’re expecting, but Fairies and Frogs can make sure that when you look back on being with child, no matter how you felt, the ambient glow of your inner joy is what you remember before anything else. We’re here for you, ladies, so contact us today to schedule your maternity session, and we’ll help you put your best belly forward!

If your baby is due this October, November, December or January now is the time to reserve your maternity and newborn sessions. My calendar fills up super fast so early booking is recommended. Oh, and the glamorous dresses you see in my blog and on my website that all the expecting mamas are wearing are made exclusively for pregnant mamas and are all here for you to use, so you don’t have to purchase a dress or stress about what to wear. Also, would you like to be totally pampered? I have a hair and make up artist that can be at the studio to get you ready for your session.

If you have any questions or are ready to book contact or call me today! 360.438.0432

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