Olympia Newborn Twins Photographer – Why You Need a Professional for Newborn Portraits of Your Multiples


Getting beautiful portraits of newborn twins and higher multiples is trickier than you might realize. In fact, there are many photographers who won’t even book sessions with multiples.

When you have your newborn twins, triplets or higher multiples photographed, you need the services of an experienced professional like Anne at Fairies and Frogs Photography. These are the reasons why.


A professional newborn photographer understands that a baby’s safety has to be the number one priority. Many baby photographers rely on moms and dads hiding behind the scenes to make sure that babies are safe while being posed for their pictures. This is much more difficult to do when multiple babies are involved. So there are certain poses and techniques that are used with multiples that will insure their comfort and safety throughout their entire photo session.

Anne has worked with newborn multiples in the past and understands the tricks that can be used to get that great shot without risking the safety of the babies. From composite photography to special props, from soothing techniques to safe posing procedures, she knows how to capture that magical moment.



Newborn photography takes planning, and shooting multiples takes a multitude of planning. Before your babies session, you and Anne will plan out the props that you would love to use, the poses, the outfits and all the perfect fun little details that will make this the newborn session for your babies that you have been dreaming about.

Anne will create the right environment for your twins, triplets or other multiples. The Fairies and Frogs studio is created just for newborn photography and offers special baskets, bowls and other props where the babies can be safely situated in a pose that creates the perfect scene and the studio even has clothing and costumes made just for multiples.


Tiny Subjects

Multiples are often born prematurely and may be very small. An experienced professional newborn photographer like Anne at Fairies and Frogs knows how to work with the tiniest babies. She will take special care with these littlest subjects and photograph them in a way that expresses the perfect, tiny people that they are.

You can have breathtaking portraits of your multiples. When you use a photographer like Anne who has over 17 years of experience and skills taking pictures of newborn multiples, the end result will be photographs that you will cherish for years.

Contact Fairies & Frogs Photography to book a session for your newborn multiples. Twins and triplets will most likely be born early, please book your session for your babies during your second trimester to guarantee that the space available for your babies will be ready for them when they are ready for their session. Some babies need to stay in the NICU for a period of time and some get to go home pretty soon after delivery, either way a reservation will insure that their spot is reserved just for them and their session is ready when they are ready :)

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