Olympia Newborn Studio Photographer | Freya

Olympia Newborn Studio Photographer | Freya

A list of things that weigh ten pounds: a large watermelon or pumpkin, a medium sized bowling ball, and Miss Freya, one of the cutest babies I’ve ever laid eyes on!  Speaking of pumpkin, Freya’s mom and dad had some special requests for their baby girl’s session.  When I spoke with the parents about any ideas they may have for their little girl’s session in terms of props or poses they request that we use pumpkins. Her photography session was booked for April, which isn’t typical season for pumpkins as we know.  But, if my clients want pumpkins in their session we will definitely make sure there are sweet pumpkins there!  What really makes sessions special is when they evoke feelings and images that make the family happy so they feel more comfortable.  That emotion comes through in the images and makes them more unique for this family in particular.  I love when couples present special requests like pumpkins in April. It makes the entire experience so incredibly personal. This way I know their photos will forever have a sweet place in their heart. 

So why the pumpkins, you may ask?  Well, the couple told me they were married in October and the fall is their favorite time of year.  They said if we could do a set up with pumpkins they would be so thrilled.  Mission accomplished! 

Freya’s parents also wanted a picture of their baby girl in the rainbow tree set up.  I think this is such a pretty set up and makes Freya look like a little fairy angel clad in her white halo.  I was happy the family requested this display along with other backgrounds and props that really highlighted Freya’s sweet self. 

I mean, look at those cheeks! Don’t you just want to pinch them?  She’s adorable!

Olympia Newborn Studio PhotographerOlympia Newborn Studio PhotographerOlympia Newborn Studio PhotographerOlympia Newborn Studio PhotographerOlympia Newborn Studio Photographer

Oh those sweet cheeks! I just can’t get enough of them <3

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