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This sweet baby girl was wide awake for her Olympia Newborn Photos!

It is very rare to see my newborns stay wide awake for their photoshoots! The sweet baby in the photos below was so determined to stay awake for her session. Her gaze was so focused and wide-eyed, it was truly beautiful. I think she is going to grow into a very strong-willed little girl, and I love it! But, I’ve been photographing babies for the better part of two decades so I used some tricks of the trade in order to convince her to take a little nap for part of her session! 

For her newborn session, her parents had a few ideas on how they wanted to pose her. One of their ideas was to showcase the baby lying in their hands. I love the symbolism behind them holding her gently but firmly in their loving hands. But also, having the baby lay in their hands really shows just how tiny she is in size. Tiny babies only stay tiny for what feels like a second and they grow bigger and bigger with every blink of the eye. Being able to capture the tiny part of their infancy is such a special moment! 

For the other poses in her shoot, her parents also chose a gorgeous flower swing pose! The flower swing in my studio is embellished with purple, pink, and cream roses. The handles of the swing are rattan, and there is plenty of space to curl up (and possibly nap!) on extra soft pink and white throws. But, it wasn’t until this tiny girl was lying peacefully in a newborn-sized bowl that she was finally convinced to sweetly slumber away!

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